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 Lu Zijian Pack

You will save your time and your money with this Lu Zijian Pack, anyone serious to get in depth knowledge  of  wisdom, internal methods acquired by this exceptional centenarian:

   1.   Bagua Hunyuan Yangsheng Gong - ebook by Lu Zijian - more 
           (value: $24.00),

    2.  Wudang Taiyi Palm and Weapons - ebook by Lu Zijian - more
           (value: $38.00),

    3.  Taiyi Huolong Palm - video by Lu Zijian - more
          (value: $14.00)
            save $US10 right now and also receive free this bonus 
(value: $15.95)

Taoist Dynamic and Static Qigong  by Pan Shao Zu
Chinese with English subtitle

The new Qigong flood on the market keeps things simple, a little too simple. These superficial sources will inform you that Qigong practice is divided into Stillness (Qing) or Moving (Gong) corresponding to our Static and Dynamic correlations. This is the big problem with trying to force Asian concepts into Western/Christian world view where many things are divided into polarities. In reality the interaction of static and dynamic exist in each and every Qigong, whether it is visible or not. This is a series with static and dynamic intermixed and mutually supporting. Simple martial based movements are entwined with static postures.

This video is in avi format  with DVD quality .
Lu Zijian Pack  
(2 x videos + 2 x ebooks)

Our special price  $US66.00

Lu Zijian Pack reviewed by:

 -Sam Well, Taiwan: Taiyi Dragon Fire
"The video is very good and the ebook completes it well with details on posture and steps. I only deplore that the form is not completely the same in the video and the ebook. But as it is written in the ebook this indicates the evolution of taolu even within one life of a creator. But it is always amazing to pictures and movies of 100 years old plus and moving with such suppleness. The Yang sheng gong adds some more internal stuff such as energtic circulation "