Xiao An Fa in action
 Lu Zijian and  student Xiao AF
Lu Xiao and students

               Xiao An Fa: disciple of Lu Zijian                         perpertuing his teacher legacy 

  1. Xiao Anfa teacher was born in Tianmen, Hubei Province in 1939.  In his young age his parents settled in the very ancient city of Jingzhou. Since his childhood An showed great interest in martial arts, he started with Shaolin, Nanquan, Xingyiquan (Mind Body Boxing), Baguazhang (Eight Hexagrams Palm), some local boxing styles and any form of boxing he would meet.
    In 1986 Xia An Fa is under the tutelage of the Yangtze Great Chivalrous Man Lu Zijian, concentrating in Wudang Internal Martial arts famous for its boxing, weapons and health exercises.

    Later Xiao Ana Fa will reorganize all this traditional knowledge of Wudang style according to Chinese National Taichi recommandations and modern disciplines such as Physiology, Biomechanics and Fitness into a comprehensive system which includes Wudang basic skill exercises, basic power exercices, sparring, free fighting but also self defense and health preservation exercices.

    This system is divided into different series including:
    1) 37 Form,
    2) 59 Form,,
    3) 73 Form,
    4) 44 Form
    5) 49 Form Wudang Taiyi Boxing,
    6) 27 Form,
    7) 29 Wudang Taijiquan Boxing  direct/inverse training,
    8) Taiyi Fan,
    9) Taiyi Cane,
    10) Wudang DengshuTaiyi stick,
    11) Taiyi Single Broadsword,
    12) Taiyi Single Sword,
    13) Taiyi Whisk,
    14) Bagua Sword,
    15) Dragon Sword.
    16)  Liuhe Double Swords,
    17) Taiji Large Sword,
    19) Taiji Liuhe Boxing,
    20) Jiugong Bagua Palm,
    21) Taiyi Dragon-shaped Bagua Palm,
    22) Taiyi Dragon Swimming Bagua Palm,
    23) Bagua Chicken Claws,
    24) Bagua Mandarin Duck ax,
    25) Taiji Sticking Sword paired practice,
    26) Taiji Pushing Hand (paired practice),
    27) Taijiquan Boxing Paired practice,
    28) 9 Form Silk Reeling,
    29) 9 Form Tongbei,
    30) Post standing series
    31) and Health preservation exercises

Xiao Anfa put a special focus on martial arts pedagogy: starting from the 60's he has been involved in Tai Chi teaching methods then he was rapidly involved in National codification/normalisation of Taiji Boxing, weapons keeping as reference Wudang Internal martial arts as a result Xiao earned from his works a solid reputation in Chinese martial arts circle.

As the direct disciple of Lu Zijian who was the First Generation Wudang Purple Clouds Master, Third Generation Swimming Dragon Master and the creator of Lu style Bagua Lotus Palm, Xiao Anfa is now the First Generation Wudang Purple Clouds Master, Fourth Generation Swimming Dragon Master and the First Generation Master of Lu style Bagua Lotus Palm, Hubei Province Jingzhou Wushu Association vice president.
In 2012, he was appointed Vice Chairman of Wuping Association of Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality.

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