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 Wudang Taiyi  Palm & Weapons
by Lu Zijian 

  • Ebook
  • Illustrations: more than 220 B&W photos
  • Publisher: Guanghua Publishing
  • Language: English 
  • ISBN-10: 0940897114
  • Format: digital as an pdf (Acrobat) file (3 935 KB)
  • Nb of pages: 128
Lu Zijian presents in this book the three main forms of Wudang Taiyi school. The Palm form " Huolong" Drangon Fire, Bagua Double Broadsword one of his favorites weapon form and the very particular "Jizhua" Chicken Claws weapon performed gracefully by his grand daughter Lu Shunhua.
The three Wudang Taiyi forms are spe cially indicated to strengthen body and improve overall energetic circulation but have embedded within movements subtle purpose such as vital points attack and evasive footstep.

by Lu Zijian

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Wudang Taiyi  Palm and Weapons Forms reviewed by:

- Sam Well, Taiwan: Taiyi Dragon Fire
"The video is very good and the ebook completes it well with details on posture and steps. I only deplore that the form is not completely the same in the video and the ebook. But as it is written in the ebook this indicates the evolution of taolu even within one life of a creator. But it is always amazing to pictures and movies of 100 years old plus and moving with such suppleness..."

-  Ernest B.  Bruxelles:
"The Fire dragon Palm is really amazing: powerful but also energetizing for the practitionner, by just learning a few movements I start to understand why Lu Zijian keeping a such level of dexterity and longevity. I am looking to learn the Double Broadsword."