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 Bagua Hunyuan Yangsheng Gong 
by Lu Zijian 

  • Ebook
  • Illustrations: B&W
  • Publisher: Guanghua Publishing
  • Language: English 
  • ISBN-10: 0940886354
  • Format: digital as an pdf(Acrobat) file (652 KB)
  • Nb of pages: 31
Lu Zijian presents in this book the secret exercises as the the synthesis of his whole life practicing internal exercises from most important taoist lineage such as Dragon Gate but also Bagua (Eight Trigrams) Palm....
This unvaluable document brings us a much affordable and comprehensive approach of Traditional Chinese Healing combining both Daoist alchemic exercices (referred as non-moving exercises) and Callisthenic exercises (referred as moving exercises). As a result, the reader will access to the traditional knowledge, previously transmitted only between initated, straight forward and efficient, immediately understandable and usable for practical training.
 In many articles discussing about his personal advice to maintain body strong and prolong life, Lu confirms practicing daily between one to two hours precisely this series of internal exercices.

General contents:

Chapter I: Origins of Hunyuan Yangsheng Gong
I.1 Energy-Qi-Spirit Transformation 
I.2 Theory of the Original Qi in the Three Chambers

Chapter II: Introducing the Techniques              

Chapter III: First Phase            
Transforming Energy into Qi

Chapter IV: Second Phase                    
Transforming Qi into Spirit

Chapter V Third Phase                          
Transforming Spirit into Void

Chapter VI: Tip of tongue on upper palate    

Chapter VII: Ren and Du meridians circulation 

Chapter VIII: Bagua Hunyuan Yangsheng     

by Lu Zijian

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Bagua Hunyuan Yangsheng Gong reviewed by:

 - Robert K. Zeb, United States: Taoist Alchemy and Daoyin
"I bought first his Fire Dragon video which convinced me to know more about the secret method of this super centanarian. I wished I read this book much earlier it would simplify my long years of research with many complicated theories non mentionning the effect of many permissive translation from Chinese document. Thanks to Lu this book is quite reachable for almost any reader. I would even aspire to more pages (31) but the contents is directly appliable to start training. That's what I am doing everyday and feel very well."

- Andre Valade,  Lyon France:  A master document for any internal martial arts adept
"... Sun Lutang who combined the three  Chinese internal martial arts but also Guo Yunshen the Great master of Hsing Yi Chuan, all these great masters mentionned something about Qi transformation up to the spiritual level but  it was never really clear how to practice it. Now with Lu's "nei gong" this gives us a real frame to work out and I believe it works well for himself!!! Thanks to this "living treasure". "

- Marc Tatarata, French Polynesia:  Water vehicle
"What I found very promising with this ebook is the importance of saliva in internal training. This opens us an unbelievable door to large progress for anyone  inerested of any kind of Qigong.  I was expecting in the beginning much more information but I finally understood that it was not needed.  Simple but relevant that what we are talking about.".